There is no business without having your own unique business identity.

Think about your business as it stands today in our brand-filled world. Are your customers purchasing your product or service because they like it…or because it’s just there? What does your customers think about when they encounter your product or service, are they coming back for more? In today’s world branding is about recognition and quality and if you’re not in the branding game, you’re just another bland product on the shelf.

LaLa Media can help you to build a brand foundation, create your corporate values, mission statement and company promises. You will be taken step-by-step through the construction of brand development, guidelines, creation of all touch-points and your brand personality.

Brand Development Strategy
Branding doesn’t have to be expensive
What makes your company and your services genuine and distinct? How do you stack up against your competition? What will it take to capture the brand position in your market that you want? What is your reputation? Where should you be a thought leader?

We work with you to answer these brand strategy questions not only for where you currently are, but where you want to be. We take a client and market centric approach to develop a strong, proactive, and competitive brand strategy for your products or services.

Key Message Development
Decide on direction, purpose and objective
Business guru Tom Peters says: “In a competitive environment, only those who have a strong, unified message, who create and sell quality and value, will survive.”

Your branding/marketing key message should be reflected in all written and spoken communications. Understanding how your clients and the market benefit from your services is the foundation to successful marketing. We work with you in the development of a compelling value proposition for your firm that clearly states how your clients benefit from engaging your services. 

This value proposition then serves as the foundation for the messaging in ongoing marketing campaigns aimed at generating leads for your business, and for internal processes such as hiring and training.

Brand Implementation
Plain and simple: without brands, there is no business
Let’s say you’re a business owner in a world without brands, no logos, no business names, no slogans, no TV trailers. How will consumers ever know about your product among others that may seem nearly identical? A genuine and distinct brand should allow you to generate more leads, grow your revenue and reputation, and win more new clients than the competition. 

Not an easy task to accomplish and your clients and prospects need to know about your firm and be able to articulate what is your business about. And when that time of need arises you have to be their choice not your competition. 

We can help you to build a brand foundation and create your corporate values.
brand recognition
There’s no consumer loyalty without brand recognition.
Do you want a hearty mug of coffee for breakfast, an afternoon cappuccino or a dessert espresso? Starbucks does not exist, so you go to a no-name coffee house with just any ground coffee beans brewed in just any water.

How many prospects in your target market know about your business because of your brand? Do they know who you are and what is your specialty, what is your service and what you do and who you do it for. What do they think about your business? Will they call you or a competitor when the need for your services arise? Do they consider you a top player in the market? 

What do your current clients think about your business, do they like your service or product or they consider switching to next competitor? Do they have needs for other services you offer that they are currently not taking advantage of? That is what branding is all about and our mission is to help you in finding the answer for all those questions.

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