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Does your website use responsive design

Why the use of responsive web design is important?

It is the ease in which the user can engage with your website; whether they use their laptop, smartphone, iPad or any other mobile device.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive Design (or Responsive Web Design, or RWD) is preparing your web content to provide the best possible experience for all user devices: desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet and smartphone. It’s very technical, but essentially your website queries

the receiving device to understand the display restraints. A RWD website can then choose the appropriate web template and content, and even scale photos to fit within those variable constraints. The user gets a browsing experience (aesthetic, pertinent and

fast-loading) that befits the device. One properly designed (i.e. responsive web designed) website can serve all users and help you to maximize the results from any online or inbound marketing tactics.

Should I rely care?

Because the whole point of having a website is to further your business: impart your message, promote your brand, and advance prospects through your “sales” funnel. If people cannot easily access the information on your website then you’ve immediately and automatically failed. Equally as important of course, is having worthy content.

Making it easy for your clients to access valuable and interesting content is the ultimate goal of your online presence. To achieve this, companies are using content-rich websites, blogs and social media. Google is now content-centric in its ranking of websites, so being found via search engines is also directly related to what you have on your website and how easy it is to access it.

What Should I Do?

If your target audience is primarily using desktops and laptops then you may be safe but if your audience is also using tablets and mobile devices then you should start including them and incorporate a responsive design strategy.

Improving your website is an ongoing process that shouldn’t be ignored and we are currently revising our clients website to better accommodate different mobile devices. Developing a new strategy and creating a website that considers all user devices can be expensive, but doing nothing may end up being far more costly — chances are that the user you lose online, you will never gain as a customer.

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