UNICEF Guerrilla Marketing

UNICEF Guerrilla Marketing

UNICEF SUPPORT WATER, sanitation and hygiene projects are working to improve child health and survival in more than 90 developing countries. Globally, an estimated 125 million children under the age of five live in households without access to a safe drinking-water source.

UNICEF took a very ordinary object – A WATER VENDING MACHINE – and made it startling by filling it with bottles of disease-laden H2O to enlighten New Yorkers about how something we take for granted is not such a luxury in the developing world.

While stopping passersby in their tracks with choices of malaria, cholera and typhoid-flavored “Dirty Water,” the UNICEF staffers then got the message across that $1 is enough to ensure a child gets access to clean water for 40 days — a simply bottled message that saw the donations roll in.

It was a clever way to convey an issue, confronting those that live a life of luxury with stark realities from other parts of the world.

Dirty Water Vending Machine
Creative Guerrilla Marketing
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