Online Marketing and Non-Profits

Social Media for Non-Profits

The non-profit sector today faces numerous problems and challenges with Funders. Money being generated to and through Funders is not adequate enough to cover the expenses of day to day operations. In addition, approaches being used to solicit funding and strategies being developed to promote and advertize services and programs have shifted to non-profits having a strong on-line presence.

Many non-profit organizations are striving to gain a better understanding of how to gain the attention of their client’s and how to create a strong on-line presence for their agency.  From my experience and many discussions with various stakeholders in the non-profit world it has become apparently clear that Inbound Marketing would be especially effective for non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Social Media for Non-Profits

Inbound Marketing techniques would help your clients find you rather than you finding them and draw them back to your business website.  In contrast to the old outbound marketing rules which included: advertising, cold calling, direct mail, TV advertising, sales flyers, telemarketing, and more traditional advertising mediums the inbound marketing allows non-profit organizations and small businesses to earn the right to communicate with their audiences and clients in ways that are meaningful and relevant to their consumer needs.

The rise in inbound marketing is a direct result of traditional marketing mediums becoming less effective, too expensive and more congested. Business often feel that only Social Media experts can give great advice like “how to create a strong online presence, how to write exciting and educating material, conveying a clear message or just connecting with your audience in a meaningful way.

Social Media for Non-Profits

How can we help your organization

You too can learn how to create awareness of your programs, increase your $$$ and develop creative new fundraising strategies using various social media tools. Doing little things like adding names, faces, short videos and compelling captions to photo-sharing sites such as Pinterest or Flickr could increase the impact of supporters’ contributions. Also, learning to navigate multiple Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and You Tube to create digital buzz for your agency can be exciting.

Make it your goal is to become a “Social Expert”, using practical approaches in the effective use of social media and learn to create a more lucrative environment for agency by learning simple online fundraising steps each week.

Our training program “Change Work” is specially designed to show you that using the various social media tools and sites does not have to take up a lot of time and yet you can still produce great results.


Darlene Lucas

Darlene Lucas

CEO/Founder – “Real Invites”

Darlene expertise in the non-profit sector spanned over 23 years in organizational management with 17 years experience developing youth program and initiatives.  Darlene has worked in various employment capacities in the non-profit sector ranging from Frontline worker to Executive Director. Darlene expertise includes human resources, training and leadership management, policy development, funding application, and development of strong community partnerships and networks.

Over the years Darlene has gained extensive knowledge of the various challenges non-profits face with various funding sources and as the CEO/Founder of “Real Invites” has learned to navigate the various social media sites and has created a strong online presence for her business.

Darlene is passionate about helping non-profits understand the wonderful world of social media and offers workshops, one-to-one coaching and educational seminars on the most effective ways to use social media for non-profit organizations.

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