Yosliem Ariosa

Yosliem Ariosa

The best things come when you least expect them. Collaboration between Yosliem Ariosa, popular Cuban fashion model and artist, Giulio Favotto, proclaimed fashion photographer from Italy and Sasha Zibreg, the principal of LaLa Media from Toronto had produced this dynamic web presentation. The photo session took place in Havana, Cuba in June 2011 for the Italian edition of Vanity Fair magazine. The idea to co-operate on this website was born in September 2011 when Yosliem and Sasha meet at the island of Santa Maria, Cuba. What make this site so special is not the technology but the atmosphere of Havana and the surroundings at which the photography had been taken.

We Listen:

Development of this website was particularly challenging since internet culture in Cuba is practically non-existent.
Current situation We have just bunch of great photography’s, lot of energy, Mojitos, Cohibas and not much more (actually what more do you need anyway)?

Then Deliver:

Website design, content development, banding
Yosliem Ariosa – Cuban Fashion

Explosive returns:

More prominent exposure of Yosliem Ariosa artistic and modeling skills at the international fashion market
LaLa Media Inc. - Online Marketing and Media company from Thornhill