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Realinvites - Your Life Experience Coming Alive

Real Invites is about more than just digital wedding invitations, they are about bringing people together.

As a giving, charitable, environmentally conscious organization, we believe in the power of connections. The ancient art of storytelling is our most tried and tested way of connecting with each other. Now with the power of new media and digital technology, a story can incorporate photography, graphics, music, and other non-traditional approaches.

We Listen:

Client requested CMS portal website for unique digital wedding invitations to connect clients to a powerful and rewarding lifetime experience.
Current situation No web site, no branding or visual recognition.

Then Deliver:

Website design and Banding.

Explosive returns:

Emerging start-up in a weeding industry, Recognition within a local non-profit community
LaLa Media Inc. - Online Marketing and Media company from Thornhill