Viewable Impressions Metrics

PointRoll Viewable Impressions Metrics

PointRoll enables advertisers, agencies and publishers to create engaging advertising that connects with consumers by creating an interactive media presentation. PointRoll announced the addition of viewable impression measurement to over 150 available campaign performance metrics. Brands and agencies want to not only know where their impressions are served across sites, networks, and exchanges, but how many of these impressions are visible on the web page and for how long as they are delivered.

PointRoll is proud to be leading the charge as part of the Media Ratings Council (MRC) pilot program and has introduced not one, but three key Viewable Impression Metrics available at the Campaign, Publisher, Placement, or Placement/Creative level:

  • Viewable Impressions (count): This metric indicates the count number of validated impressions where at least 50% of the ad was visible for at least 1 sec.
  • Viewable Rate (% of impression): Percentage of impressions where at least 50% of the ad was visible for at least one second – as measured by total validated impressions/total viewable impressions captured.
  • Average Viewable Time (how long the ad was viewable): Average amount of time the ad is visible calculated as total viewable time divided by impressions. Total viewable time is calculated from beacons fired at the start of an impression in view and stops when the impression is out of view.

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