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Dear friends,

My name is Darlene Lucas; some of you may know me from the various employment capacities I have held over the last 23 years in the non-profit sector. One of the major reasons for contacting you is my excitement and passion to share with you the various usages of social media for non-profits organizations.

Over the last few years a great deal has changed in how non-profit organizations present themselves to their clients. The balance between traditional and new is critical and understanding how to create an online presence can be very confusing. As you know the social landscape is forever changing and one of the approaches to understanding and learning how to use social media is simply by doing. Today more than ever, not understanding or being confused will hurt your organization.

Social Media and Online Marketing for nonp-profits

Through various discussions with my colleague *Sasha Ziberg, social media and online marketing expert it has become apparently clear that many non-profit organizations are struggling to adapt. Implementing creative social media strategies can help your clients find you, help you promote and find supporters and advocates for your cause or make beneficial connections for your organization. Understanding the newest online marketing technologies can be difficult to navigate.  Over the last year I have tracked several organizations that have implemented diverse social media strategies and seen their wonderful successes.

My colleague and I can help you develop a strong online presence, learn how to create awareness of your programs and increase your dollars. Today it is important to be innovative and continue to be creative in the ways you share what your organization is doing and we are always looking for ways to keep pace with other non-profits.

Our goal is to help you become “Social Experts” and provide practical approaches to the effective use of social media that does not take up a lot of time and yet produces great results.

I am confident that a meeting to discuss a social media plan for your organization would be beneficial and I strongly believe you cannot afford not to see what other non-profit organizations are doing!

We will be contacting you over the next few weeks to determine a convenient time to meet with you and discuss the next steps in moving forward in helping you create a strong online presence that makes a difference and impact in your organization.


Darlene Lucas

Sasha Zibreg

Managing Principal at Lala Media Inc.

From university, I started my career in marketing and promotion with the Yugoslavian National Theater. Over an eight year span, I honed my skills and saw first-hand the importance of excellent marketing and promotion. My job was to deliver an audience to the opera, ballet and drama productions. I accomplished this successfully bringing the National Theater from local to European prominence.

In 1991 I was given an opportunity to join “Aida”, The Opera spectacle world touring production for their Hong Kong production as a Marketing and Promotion Director. After 3 years of touring with “Aida” all over the world I was approached by “Pepsi-Co” Europe to join their Marketing team and promote their high profile “special” consumer events in Europe. During the Pepsi marketing campaign “Pepsi for Children of Chernobyl” in Kiev, Ukraine, I was among the few to be granted access to the Chernobyl Nuclear reactor and surrounding area to record a documentary about the life and suffering of its inhabitants. I was very proud to be able to increase the awareness of this catastrophe to the world and at the same time position Pepsi Europe as a caring and socially minded company.

In the mid 90’s, I immigrated to Canada and made a home in Toronto and immersed myself completely in internet technology. In 2001 I was recruited by TriOS College of Information Technology to become their leading  web instructor, teaching the students in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and Kitchener.

The past 12 years I’ve largely spent as a web and multimedia developer, marketing, promotion, training and business development consultant. Throughout this period, I maintained a long-lasting relationship with my clients, guiding their marketing and sales efforts, taking them from a company going hand-to-mouth to being a prominent player in their field. My clients are small and large such as Nestle Canada, Convergent Bioscience, Multi-Cast Design, Tilemaster Canada, to name a few.

I am very proud of my achievements in the not-for-profit sector. Since 2006 until 2010 I served as a volunteer and board member with The Gatehouse, Child Abuse Investigation & Support Site in Toronto.

Presently I serve as a board member at FAME (Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere).

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