Dreams take off at Black Creek

Business dreams take off for young entrepreneurs at Ascend

Business dreams take off for young entrepreneurs at Ascend

Store located in Black Creek populated by young business people

Young entrepreneurs in the Black Creek community can get the start they need to launch their business thanks to Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services’ lead Youth Enterprise Network (YEN).

ASCEND, a new store featuring clothing, jewelry, artwork and soap by Black Creek entrepreneurs, will open Thursday, June 14 at 2350 Finch Ave. W. at 3:30 p.m.

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“This is a real entrepreneurship initiative, not just an after-school or summer program that introduces youth to the idea of business,” says Morris Beckford, Executive Director of Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services. It is designed to support youth and young adults with all aspects of developing their businesses, through real-life experience in an intensive entrepreneurship curriculum, designed to open doors that are too often closed for youth and young adults who have had limited opportunities.

According to one of the participating youth entrepreneurs, Michael Webb, of N.I.S.E. Clothing, “This is a huge stepping stone for N.I.S.E. and all of our supporters. We’re lucky to share this experience alongside some other great young entrepreneurs with a community connection. We are thankful for the opportunity and look forward to what the future has in ‘store’.”

“I often hear the excitement in young people’s voices when they talk about the real opportunity the retail store provides … Ascend will serve as the primary place of business for many of the youth, adds Meshell Dupéof the Blueprints Program of Youth Unlimited, the partner organization responsible for delivering the business training.

For any purchase over $50 the guests at the opening will get a discount of 10%.

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