Paradise African Style

‪ The Piano Guys is an American music duo consisting of Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson. They became famous through YouTube, where they posted videos of renditions and mashes Read more

Lala Media launch Small Business Starter Kit

Thornhill based Online Marketing, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Graphic Design company, LaLa Media Inc., launch its Small Business Starter Kit program today. No matter how small or Read more

Website Responsive Design

Why the use of responsive web design is important? It is the ease in which the user can engage with your website; whether they use their laptop, smartphone, iPad or Read more

Grow your Email marketing

Optimize your Email marketing, increase engagement and ensure deliverability! Email marketing is only as good as the quality of your recipient list! Each year there is a natural decay that happens Read more

Non-Profit and Social Media

Dear friends, My name is Darlene Lucas; some of you may know me from the various employment capacities I have held over the last 23 years in the non-profit sector. Read more

Does your corporate branding reflect the true character of your business. Why it matters →

Piano stairs

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Changing people’s behavior for the better!

Piano stairs

The easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better is by making it fun to do.

Changing people’s behavior for the better
Creative Guerrilla Marketing

Viewable Impressions Metrics

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PointRoll Viewable Impressions Metrics

PointRoll enables advertisers, agencies and publishers to create engaging advertising that connects with consumers by creating an interactive media presentation. PointRoll announced the addition of viewable impression measurement to over 150 available campaign performance metrics. Brands and agencies want to not only know where their impressions are served across sites, networks, and exchanges, but how many of these impressions are visible on the web page and for how long as they are delivered.

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Libresse Guerrilla Marketing

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With Libresse, you don't have to - Guerrilla Marketing

Libresse dropped more than 3,000 gift packs of tampons on Dutch beaches, with the feminine hygiene products falling out of the sky on pink parachutes.

The logic behind the “drop” was in response to Libresse data suggesting women avoid the beach during their period – hence the slogan, “With Libresse, you don’t have to.”

However, we think the real success of the campaign was making a fun spectacle out of what society suggests we should keep under wraps.

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SIXT’s Wi-Fi Guerrilla Marketing

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SIXT's - Guerrilla Marketing

Car rental company SIXT’s German agency came up with a novel super-solution to get its rental deals seen by visitors at the Hamburg airport.

What makes this so innovative is not just making very affordable use of an existing platform, the Wi-Fi network, but that its target audience (professionals) was arguably the group most likely to be accessing that platform. Read more

Absolut Vodka Guerrilla Marketing

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Absolut Vodka Guerrilla Marketing

Absolut Vodka has utilized this stupendously simple idea to place the Vodka-flavored temptation on the luggage belt to create a memorable brand experience. First, it’s a place a consumer is forced to wait, consequently making any distraction a welcome one. You can see that people were very curious about the boxes labeled as “Absolut Temptation” and quite tempted to take a bottle of the vodka out of the box. Read more

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