Ariel Fashion Shoot

Ariel Fashion Shoot

Saatchi and Saatchi is a very large advertising agency that also does some creative unconventional marketing such as the recent ‘Ariel Fashion Shoot’ campaign.

Laundry only really engages people when you get a stain on something you care about, like your favorite designer clothes. Consumers generally don’t believe there’s any major difference between the leading detergent brands. So how do we prove to them that Ariel Actilift is exceptional at removing tough stains, without boring them to death along the way?

Ariel Fashion Shoot – Guerrilla Marketing
Ariel Fashion Shoot - Guerrilla Marketing

Saatchi & Saatchi turned the most boring part of a classic detergent TVC – the product demo – into a live online and offline gaming experience where people could win the clothes they stained.

During six days anyone living in Scandinavia had the chance to get in line and control our customized industrial robot via Facebook and try to squirt real lingonberry jam, drinking chocolate and ketchup on over 1000 pieces of clothing passing by at high speed. The clothes included designer wear from See by Chloé, Vivienne Westwood and Hugo Boss amongst others.

To make the campaign as transparent as possible, they placed the robot in the middle of Stockholm Central Station. The rules were simple: aim, stain and win. When anyone managed to stain a garment we washed it live with Ariel Actilift and sent it home to them.
The campaign was quite successful in that they got over 1.2 million visitors to Stockholm Central Station to experience the Ariel Fashion Shoot over six days. Over 25,000 liked the Ariel Facebook Pages in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and participated in the online event.

Over 1,000 winners successfully stained clothes ranging from high-end designers to basic wear. These were washed live with Ariel Actilift and sent to the winners. Brought and earned media equalled 5 million media impressions, 20 % of Scandinavia’s entire population.

They reached 35 % of our target group in half the time it would’ve taken with a heavy rotation TVC campaign.

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